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Health is a state of body.

Wellness is a state of being.

J. Stanford

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Before anything else, I want to hear your story to determine your areas of concern, and the contributing factors from your lifestyle, diet, and stressors. Once we’ve established your health goals, I will put together a personalized plan that will include the most advanced techniques in Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture and Pulse Diagnosis. Together we can make the journey back to wellness.

Our Services Featuring the most advanced techniques in Chinese Medicine.

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Acupuncture is an age-old modality that uses hair-like, solid, stainless-steel, disposable needles.

Eastern Nutrition

“All disease begins in the gut.” – A holistic view to healing considers diet as vital part for restoring health.


Electroacupuncture is a new therapy that uses small electrical currents to stimulate the acupuncture needles.


Guasha has been used for centuries as a soft-tissue medical treatment with press-stroking the skin.


A traditional therapy that uses small glass globes to stimulate blood and lymphatic flow.

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